A Fantastic Idea for Decorating Picture Frames at Home

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Decorating a Picture frame is an excellent activity. You can decorate it with seashells, different fabric, beautiful dimensional paints, crystals, beads and so on. Decorating a simple one can make it look gorgeous. Here are simple ways how you can make your own decorative picture frame at your own home.

Sea Shells

A seashell picture frame is the best way to remember beautiful moments, which you have spent basking in the sun at the beach. When you place a snap taken at the beach in this one the moment becomes memorable and can be placed even at your work desk! You can create a piece of your own you need loads of pebbles, seashells and sand. Place the shells and pebbles and sprinkle sand in the empty spaces. For a more beach look, add small beach glass at one of the corners.

Polymer Clay

You can also use polymer clay to make a picture or photo frame of your choice. Using this material is extremely easy and with the use of knives, pencils and carving tools you can make an amazing piece. Once you have made the design place it in an oven at 250 degrees for half an hour. Now it is ready to be decorated. With things like paints, beads, sequins and glitter, you can make beautiful item. You can also attach them to the wooden ones with hot glue gun.

Dimensional Paint

With time old picture and photo frames lose their attractiveness. So instead of throwing away give them a makeover. Using the dimensional paint, you can decorate the good old wooden piece. Draw a design of your choice and fill it with the dimensional paint. These dimensional paints usually take 12 hours to dry. Once the paint is dry, give a coat with a dark shade of regular acrylic craft paint. The dimensional paint rises above the paint coat. This kind of design looks extremely classy and elegant.

Swarovski Crystals

With a combination of glass beads and Swarovski crystals you can create magic on your frames. They become simply excellent. They make it look sophisticated and add a decorative look to it. These crystals are easily available at the local craft stores and do not cost as anticipated. They are available in a price range. The embellished ones with Swarovski crystals and glass beads make it a perfect gift for your near and dear ones.

Pictures keep great memories alive and each time you look at them, you relive the moments! The beautifully decorated room with a beautiful piece can add a homely touch to it. It keeps your captivated and informs them about the different members and some special occasions of their life. They also are very common gift item. Buying a decorative piece can be quite expensive. Therefore, instead of investing a lot of money you can make one at home. So when you have such an item up on the wall you will not only remember the moment in the photo but also moment when you sat down to decorate the frame.

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