Adcraft DF-12L/2 Fryer 50-Pound Double Tank Electric Countertop Deep Fryer Review

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Imagine having the convenience of cooking delicious fried foods right in your own kitchen with the Adcraft DF-12L/2 Fryer 50-Pound Double Tank Electric Countertop Deep Fryer. This heavy duty fryer boasts a durable stainless steel construction and features a handy faucet for easier draining. With its thermostat control switch ranging from 120° to 375°F, you can easily achieve the perfect crispy texture every time. Each tank has a generous capacity of up to 6 liters of oil and can cook up to 25 lbs. worth of mouthwatering goodness per hour. Say goodbye to greasy takeout and hello to homemade culinary delights with this NSF-certified powerhouse.

Adcraft DF-12L/2 Fryer 50-Pound Double Tank Electric Countertop Deep Fryer, 208v, NSF

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Learn more about the Adcraft DF-12L/2 Fryer 50-Pound Double Tank Electric Countertop Deep Fryer, 208v, NSF here.

Why Consider This Product?

Thinking about adding a new deep fryer to your kitchen arsenal? Well, let us introduce you to the Adcraft DF-12L/2 Fryer 50-Pound Double Tank Electric Countertop Deep Fryer. This powerhouse of a fryer has so much to offer, from its heavy duty stainless steel construction to its convenient thermostat control switch. Here’s why you should seriously consider this product:

First and foremost, the Adcraft DF-12L/2 Fryer is built to last. Made with heavy duty stainless steel, this fryer can withstand the demands of even the busiest commercial kitchen. It’s durable and reliable, ensuring that it will serve you well for years to come. Plus, the heavy duty faucet makes draining oil a breeze, saving you time and effort.

Temperature control is a crucial factor when it comes to deep frying, and the Adcraft DF-12L/2 Fryer delivers. With its thermostat control switch, you have the flexibility to set the temperature anywhere between 120° and 375°F, allowing you to achieve the perfect cooking results every time. No more guesswork or fluctuating temperatures!

Apart from its construction and temperature control, this fryer also boasts impressive capacity. Each tank can hold up to 6 liters of oil, providing you with plenty of frying space. Furthermore, it has a cooking capacity of 25 lbs. per hour, ensuring that your orders are prepared quickly and efficiently. It’s perfect for busy restaurants or food establishments where speed is of the essence.

Features and Benefits

Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Construction

The high-quality stainless steel construction of the Adcraft DF-12L/2 Fryer sets it apart from the competition. This durable material ensures that the fryer can handle the rigors of daily use, withstand high temperatures, and resist corrosion. It’s built to endure and will be a reliable workhorse in your kitchen.

Convenient Thermostat Control Switch

The fryer’s thermostat control switch is a game-changer when it comes to achieving consistent cooking results. You have complete control over the temperature, allowing you to fine-tune your frying to perfection. Whether you’re frying delicate items that require low temperatures or crispy treats that need a higher heat, this fryer has got you covered.

Ample Oil Capacity and Cooking Efficiency

With its 6-liter oil capacity and a cooking capacity of 25 lbs. per hour, the Adcraft DF-12L/2 Fryer is a powerhouse in terms of efficiency. You can fry larger batches of food without constantly needing to refill the oil. This not only saves you time but also ensures a steady flow of delicious fried items for your customers.

Easy Draining with Heavy Duty Faucet

Say goodbye to the inconvenience of draining oil with the Adcraft DF-12L/2 Fryer’s heavy duty faucet. It’s specifically designed to make the draining process simpler and more efficient. No more struggling with awkward pots or messy transfers. Just open the faucet and let the oil flow out effortlessly.

Product Quality

When it comes to deep fryers, quality is paramount. The Adcraft DF-12L/2 Fryer excels in this department with its heavy duty stainless steel construction and reliable components. This fryer is built to withstand the demands of a busy commercial kitchen, ensuring that it will be a long-lasting investment for your business. Its solid construction and attention to detail demonstrate a commitment to quality craftsmanship.

Moreover, the Adcraft DF-12L/2 Fryer carries the coveted NSF certification, which signifies that it meets strict standards for food safety and sanitation. This certification adds an extra layer of assurance that you can trust this fryer to meet the rigorous demands of the food industry.

What It’s Used For

Efficient Food Preparation

With the Adcraft DF-12L/2 Fryer, you can efficiently prepare a wide variety of fried foods. Its generous oil capacity and fast cooking speed enable you to handle large volumes of orders, making it perfect for restaurants, food trucks, and catering businesses. From crispy french fries to golden fried chicken, this fryer can handle it all.

Versatile Menu Offerings

The Adcraft DF-12L/2 Fryer allows you to expand your menu offerings and explore new culinary creations. From classic dishes to innovative twists, the possibilities are endless. Whether you’re frying appetizers, main courses, or delectable desserts, this fryer offers the versatility to showcase your creativity and satisfy your customers’ cravings.

Ideal for Outdoor Events

Thanks to its electric countertop design, the Adcraft DF-12L/2 Fryer is a great choice for outdoor events such as fairs, festivals, and carnivals. Its portability and compact size make it easy to transport and set up. You can delight attendees with the mouthwatering aroma of freshly fried treats, creating a memorable experience for everyone.

Perfect for Dedicated Frying Stations

If your business specializes in fried foods, the Adcraft DF-12L/2 Fryer is an essential addition to your kitchen. Its dual tanks allow you to efficiently handle different types of food simultaneously. From fish and chips to tempura vegetables, having a dedicated frying station with this fryer ensures consistent quality and efficient production.

Adcraft DF-12L/2 Fryer 50-Pound Double Tank Electric Countertop Deep Fryer, 208v, NSF

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See the Adcraft DF-12L/2 Fryer 50-Pound Double Tank Electric Countertop Deep Fryer, 208v, NSF in detail.

Product Specifications

Feature Specification
Construction Heavy duty stainless steel
Temperature Control Thermostat switch (120° to 375°F)
Oil Capacity 6 liters per tank
Cooking Capacity 25 lbs. per hour
Certification NSF certified

Who Needs This

The Adcraft DF-12L/2 Fryer is a must-have for any food business that relies on deep frying. Whether you own a restaurant, a food truck, a catering company, or any other food establishment, this fryer’s efficiency and high-quality construction make it an ideal choice. Even home chefs who love to indulge in homemade fried goodies can benefit from the reliability and performance of this fryer.

Pros and Cons


  • Heavy duty stainless steel construction for durability
  • Temperature control switch for precise cooking
  • Ample oil and cooking capacity for high-volume production
  • Easy draining with a heavy duty faucet
  • NSF certified for food safety and sanitation


  • Large size may not be suitable for small kitchens or limited countertop space
  • Requires a 208v electrical connection, which may not be available in all locations


  1. Can I use different types of oil in this fryer? Yes, the Adcraft DF-12L/2 Fryer allows you to use various types of oil based on your preferences and menu requirements.

  2. What is the warranty for this fryer? The manufacturer offers a limited warranty on this fryer. Please refer to the product documentation or contact customer support for specific warranty details.

  3. Is this fryer easy to clean? Absolutely! The stainless steel construction and removable parts make cleaning a breeze. Just make sure to follow the cleaning instructions provided by the manufacturer.

See the Adcraft DF-12L/2 Fryer 50-Pound Double Tank Electric Countertop Deep Fryer, 208v, NSF in detail.

What Customers Are Saying

Customers have praised the Adcraft DF-12L/2 Fryer for its consistent performance and durability. They appreciate the control offered by the temperature switch and the ease of use. The heavy duty stainless steel construction has received numerous accolades for its ability to withstand heavy use without showing signs of wear. Overall, customers have found great value in this fryer for its reliability and quality.

Overall Value

Considering its features, durability, and efficiency, the Adcraft DF-12L/2 Fryer offers excellent value for the money. This fryer is an investment that will pay for itself through its ability to handle high-volume frying, consistent results, and long-lasting performance. If you’re serious about deep frying and want a reliable companion in your kitchen, this fryer is well worth considering.

Tips and Tricks For Best Results

  1. Follow the temperature guidelines provided in your recipes for best frying results.
  2. Make sure to properly preheat the fryer before adding the food to ensure optimal cooking.
  3. Regularly clean the fryer to maintain its performance and extend its lifespan.
  4. Experiment with different batters and coatings to create unique and delicious fried dishes.

Final Thoughts

Product Summary

The Adcraft DF-12L/2 Fryer is a heavy duty, high-performance deep fryer designed for commercial use. With features like its durable stainless steel construction, temperature control switch, and generous oil capacity, this fryer delivers consistent results and efficient production. It’s a valuable asset for any food business that demands quality and speed in their frying operations.

Final Recommendation

If you’re in the market for a reliable and high-quality deep fryer, the Adcraft DF-12L/2 Fryer is an excellent choice. Its durable construction, temperature control, and ample capacity make it a valuable asset in any commercial kitchen. Whether you’re frying up classic comfort foods or exploring new culinary territories, this fryer will exceed your expectations. Invest in the Adcraft DF-12L/2 Fryer and elevate your frying game to new heights.

Find your new Adcraft DF-12L/2 Fryer 50-Pound Double Tank Electric Countertop Deep Fryer, 208v, NSF on this page.

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